Mister Sparky Keeps The Lights On With Briggs Generators | Myrtle Beach, SC

Mister Sparky Keeps The Lights On With Briggs Generators | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Places Where Briggs Generators are Perfect For Providing Power

Storms, scheduled outages, or car and truck accidents can cause power loss at your home or business. If you’re in a field or a remote area in Myrtle Beach, SC, you may still need power to run lights, computers, and other equipment. Briggs generators provide the backup power you need to make sure you’re safe and secure, working hard or having fun, or just sleeping peacefully. Models range from portable generators you can pull out of the garage when needed, to quiet, secure generator installations that sit near to your home ready to take over.

Home Emergency Backup — Fixed or Portable

Some of the most satisfied generator owners around are the ones who bought a home generator in case everything went wrong in the year 2000 (it didn’t) and have been using it regularly ever since. It took that extra push to get them to protect themselves, but you can get a home backup generator connected to automatically take over your power when needed, or a smaller model that you can manually connect if you need to keep your refrigerator running along with a few lights and perhaps medical equipment like your CPAP. Home power is especially helpful for seniors and disabled persons who may find it more difficult to get around in the dark, and families where keeping an eye on the children is essential at all times. Home backup power can also ensure that your refrigerator and chest freezer, swimming pool filter, and other equipment that causes problems when power is lost, are still operating normally. Even your fish tank.

Office or Business Backup

If you have an office or business that needs to be open even when storms take the lights out, a Briggs generator can make sure that you keep operating and doing what you do best when storms come blowing. This is especially helpful for medical offices and other facilities that may be critical during emergencies and storm events. We offer special wiring options from automatic switchover to special outlets throughout your building where devices are plugged in for a critical need, reduced load operation when the power fails.

Remote Transmitter or Pumping Site

Remotely located, powered sites some distance from the main power lines can experience disruptions from time to time, and many locations are just too far to affordably run power lines. Our backup generators can ensure your transmitter site, pump site or other unattended remote operation has backup power or available operational power when people come to work there.

Running Pumps and Other Equipment

Portable Briggs generators let you use electrical equipment where you need it, such as a sump pump in a flooded basement when the power’s off or a pool pump to keep the pool healthy until power returns. It’s power on the spot for all those tasks that may not happen often, but are critical when they’re needed. It can also provide power for construction equipment when you’re away from power lines, and charge electric cars when the charging stations are offline.

Sports Lighting

It doesn’t take much to put some lights on a pole for night games, but running the power out there for occasional use might be too expensive for your group. What about convenient Briggs generators to power the lights? They can even provide some spare power to light your refreshment stand or run the PA announcement system and scoreboard. If you’re doing early morning setup for an event such as a marathon, bring lights and make it easy by using your generator until the sun rises.

Camping and RV Trips

Even tent camping seems to require a power source these days, people just have too many gadgets and communications devices that are must-haves. Fortunately, even for longer camping you can bring small Briggs generators to your campsite or park one by your RV for long-lasting, quiet, quality power. That’ll keep everyone happy, except for the purists among you who just want to watch the stars.

Fallback for Renewable Power Sources

If you have a renewable power system for your home or business, you know that sometimes the energy you’re using such as solar or wind power isn’t available in sufficient quantities to give you the power you need. You can buy a lot of expensive batteries or you can just use an automatic-on generator for your renewable power fallback. It will sip fuel, even natural gas, until your system switches back when the sun is shining or the wind blows.

Special Events

No matter where you pitch your party tent, you can have power for the lights, announcements, DJ, band, video projection or whatever you’ve got that needs power. Just bring along portable Briggs generators to carry the electrical load into the night. It opens up your options to have a wedding by the ocean, an anniversary in the park, or a quiet romantic dinner with a few modern conveniences. Portable generators are also great for radio station remotes, farmer’s markets, nighttime holiday events and Christmas tree sales lots, and anywhere guitars and amps are found.

Remote Monitoring

Many Briggs generators are available with remote monitoring capability including a basic unit that displays generator status indoors so you can be sure without braving the elements to check. The InfoHub software provides monitoring through your smartphone or tablet wherever you are, plus coordination so you know when you’re likely to need standby power in the days to come, messaging to your dealer if you need repairs or maintenance, and detailed information about your Briggs generators while they’re operating.

Briggs Generators for Your Home and Business from Mister Sparky

We’re your Myrtle Beach, SC backup and remote power source with expert electricians who can help you select the right capacity and features and even arrange proper connection with your home or business power box. Give us a call for information, service, or installation at 843-213-6610.