Why Won’t My Generator Start? | Generator Service in Myrtle Beach, SC

Why Won’t My Generator Start? | Generator Service in Myrtle Beach, SC

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Backup generators can be a pricey investment. Whether it’s an all-new generator for house use or a standby generator for your business in Myrtle Beach, SC. If you’re aware of the standard settings of the generator, it will work smoothly.

For bigger issues, the safest option is to call for generator service in Myrtle Beach, SC if you need urgent generator service in Myrtle Beach, SC, but there are some issues you could probably handle yourself. We’ll cover three most common generator related problems and the preventive measures you can take.

Battery Issues

Battery failure is the most frequently occurring issue in a power generating system. 80% of the time, sulfate buildup is the reason behind battery failure. Over time the lead plates in the battery gets covered by lead sulfate. As a result the battery isn’t able to provide current. For proper functioning get the lead plates replaced from a generator service in Myrtle Beach, SC. Low electrolyte levels lead to battery problems. Air exposure also causes sulfation on battery plates.

According to experts, you should replace your batteries every three years. Sedimentary trays fill up with lead debris and as a result, the lifespan of battery cells can become shortened.

If your system isn’t working even after getting generator servicein Myrtle Beach, SC, give it a good check. It might be because the charger breaker is tripped. Once your system undergoes maintenance or service, these human errors can occur. Ensure that the charger is turned back on before you start panicking.

It’s unlikely that open cells lead to battery failure. This is caused by excessive current flowing through the battery system. If the cause is reoccurring, the solution is larger batteries with the capacity of higher cold cranking amps (CCAs).

Regular maintenance is the key to avoiding most of these issues. You should clean and tighten the cable connections on a daily basis. A well functioning charger has a regular charge rate through which you can determine the trend by following the charge rates. This will aid in predicting battery failure so you can avoid them. A symptom of a charger or battery glitch is if you observe an increase in amperage.

An Empty Fuel Tank

It isn’t necessary that the fuel level gauge shows an accurate reading. The fuel becomes stagnant as a standby generator tank remains stationary. There’s also the possibility of a mechanical gauge getting stuck in the same position until a vibration makes it move.

The systems you’d find in Myrtle Beach, SC are likely to have an in-built feature that allows critical fuel level shutdown. Air can get inside the fuel tank and become difficult to handle later on. This function doesn’t allow air storage inside the fuel tank in case the fuel runs out.

Plugged fuel filters can also result in an empty fuel tank. Keep a constant watch on the fuel tank through regular maintenance and look for contaminations or presence of water. It’s essential for protecting the diesel engines from damage, as accelerated outbursts and advanced ignition may occur as a result of moisture. You can’t get rid of water with fuel polish. The chemicals might also affect the fuel if you’re using it for cleaning your fuel. The new ultra-low sulfur fuel has extremely high detergent levels, which means that it is effective for fuel filter plugging as it cleans out lines efficiently.

If you’re purchasing an engine in Myrtle Beach, SC that have the option of electric shutoff solenoids, make sure is also has a manual bypass as well. For the first crank sensor signal, solenoids with DC power activation would be better off. They should stay open before the engine finally comes to a halt. Having this facility is feasible as it’s capable to overpressure the seals inside the pump that helps the oil and fuel to mix well. Gravity feed fuel system is also possible with the large remote tanks above the engine.


Diesel engine generators are developed with a range of about 70 to 80% rated output. In case your generator doesn’t operate at full capacity, the engine would ‘wet-stack’. This sort of oil leak is damaging for the engine.

Leaks mainly occur due to low-combustion chamber temperature. Unburned fuel, condensed water, carbon particles, acids and lube oil tend to accumulate in the exhaust system. By charging the system for some time and combusting the excess fuel, the engine becomes clear. To avoid this situation, you can buy an automatic load bank from a store for generator service in Myrtle Beach, SC. Set it up with the system to keep it fully loaded and prevent a wet stack.

Crankcase breathers also cause oil leakage as the emissions take place under the engine. The fumes released comprise an oil mist. This leads to a puddle formation below the engine. Dirt and debris gets trapped in the oil film that coats the generator and radiator. Recirculating breathers are available in the markets in Myrtle Beach, SC.It splits the oil and brings it back to the engine whereas, the fumes are sent to the air intakes of the engine.

When the outlet experiences high temperatures, the block heaters go tough on the hoses. This causes the coolant leaks. It’s not advisable for block heater to employ rubber hoses. Silicon hoses are made for this purpose. For block heater hose connections get isolation ball valves installed from a generator service in Myrtle Beach, SC.

High maintenance of the system and coolant will prevent leakages. Replacement of the coolant and hoses every three years is also a crucial. Periodically examine the remote tank pump system and emergency shutoff system. As fuel leak may occur because of an overfilled base tank.


By now you must be aware of the measures you can take to maintain and ensure smooth operation of your unit. You can work on these small issues yourself, but if you find that the problems persist or if you come across an issue we haven’t covered here, it’s best to visit Mister Sparky Electric of Myrtle Beach, SC for generator servicein Myrtle Beach, SC to fulfill your generator needs.